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Chinese panels and German or Chinese inverters.


Canadian panels combined with Italian or German inverters.


Top grade Canadian or Korean panels and Dutch, Italian or German inverters. Premium rail.

Ultra Premium

Very high quality Canadian or German panels matched with Dutch, Italian or German inverters. Premium rail.

Welcome to Solaworx Australia

Do your power bills keep giving you shocks?

Electricity prices are increasing constantly. Your bills are not going to get any smaller unless you make some changes.

There is a solution.

By installing a solar power system from Solaworx you can dramatically reduce your electricity bills, and even generate extra cash. Generous government incentives are still available for solar power.

It goes without saying that our solar power systems are made with quality materials to the highest international standards. If your system ever needs servicing, replacing or upgrading, we are here to assist with prompt, efficient and hassle-free support.

We can now provide you with an immediate quote online.

Sick of the solar salesman runaround. Create your own quote right now!

It only takes a minute to request and you will receive a complete quote specific to your needs by email immediately.

An easy rough rule of thumb when sizing a solar system is that for every $100 you spend on a quarterly power bill you will need around 1kW of system size to knock out the bill. e.g. a $300 bill needs at least a 3kW system. If you prefer you can look up your average daily consumption from your bill and match it to the appropriate sized system in the selection list, all of which have average daily production figures.

Instant Quote

Book an appointment

A good way to ensure that you order the most appropriate system for your house or office is to get one of our solar specialists to visit you on site. Or to do it online.

Although we’re happy to discuss your proposed system on the phone, at our office or by email, to give you a properly considered quote specific to your situation (e.g. shading, orientation etc) nothing beats a site visit. If you have already had several visits and don't want another, know what size system you want and that it will fit on the roof, you can use Solaworx Power Systems to obtain an instant quote and then order a system.

We can use accurate analysis equipment to create a solar access and shade report for marginal sites to ensure your system will deliver the power you expect. A site visit also gives you a chance to get to grips with the details of buying and operating a solar power system in your stress free environment.

Book your site inspection using this form. We will confirm by telephone and/or email within 48 hours.

Consumer guide to solar PV

Solar panels are now an affordable option for Australian households looking to reduce their power bills and generate their own clean electricity.

The use of solar panels has expanded quickly over the last couple of years and more consumers are looking for guidance so they can make an informed decision.”

The Clean Energy Council has prepared this guide so that you can make smart choices about a system that is right for you.

Consumer guide to solar PV

Accreditation and Warranties

We ensure that all our products are 100% certified and match all the criteria set by the Clean Energy Council. Our installers are all Clean Energy Council accredited installers and designers. We are a member of the Clean Energy Council.

With comprehensive manufacturer’s product warranties and a minimum 25 year power production warranty we can assure you that our products will continue to reliably produce green power for many years.

Home Power Management

Saving power is a crucial first step if you are planning on installing a solar power system on your home or business.

The less power you use the less you’ll need to spend on a system. If you manage it well you will earn credits from your power company for the power you sell them.

These products and resources (requires Flash) can help you to do that.

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